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Virtual Sports provider Golden Race has an extensive portfolio of leading virtual sports betting offerings.

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Virtual Sports has become one of the preferred alternatives to traditional online betting. One of the advantages of virtual sports betting is the fact that the games can go round the clock and bettors do not need to wait for the next big match to get in on the action. One of the most popular providers of virtual sports games is Golden Race which was born in 2006, initially focused on sports betting, but, found its niche in virtual games. 

Golden Race is based in Malta and has become one of the most respected providers of virtual games. The high-level, comprehensive portfolio that Golden Race offers includes games like 3D virtual soccer, 3D virtual tennis, kart racing, and much more. The games are offered on the leading platforms 24/7, which makes it very convenient for bettors to play. 

Deployed Everywhere

There are over 35,000 shops running Golden Sports' software, and well over 300 sites that have integrated virtual sports games. To give some additional reference, the company processes more than 10,000,000 betting tickets each and every day. Operators can easily integrate with the Golden Sports software, which is an all-in-one package intended to make things very easy. The white-label solutions are pre-loaded with an extensive suite, and operators can take control of the odds, schedules, margins, and more. 

There are three central offerings including the GoldenBox V2, which plays 12 different games across three displays simultaneously. The GoldenBox Compact is an Android-based solution that is a smaller scale but still plays 3D games. The newest feature is the online virtual games, which does not stop and operators can offer at any time. 

Golden Race Online Casinos


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